Wearables Tie and bracelet design set Corporate Takeover
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Wearables Tie and bracelet design set Corporate Takeover

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What so many people appreciate about is the formal corporate red tie done in a unique plush one-of-a-kind texture. We call this is tie set the, "Corporate Takeover" because it's the money tie, because it goes before you and makes the right first impression, and closes the deal with the fully integrated discreet wearables promotional platform that gives the person that the owner of the tie set deems worthy access to his fully customizable V-Card by tapping the tie and bracelet with the back of their cell phone. It's cool, it's super cool because it is surprising, and leaves the person that the owner wants to impress wanting to know more about this very interesting, tech and fashion forward mysterious gentlemen.  

Most of the men that seek out a one-of-a-kind hand made luxury item that doesn't have a prominent status global brand attached to it, do so because they like to support the underdog designers. Well these items actually support he artesian mom's in Latin America that we pay a good American wage as they work from home supporting their children and caring for their families.

What is great about the wearable set is that it comes programmed with the info on the mom that made the set, giving the gentlemen that owns the items the gratification of connecting with the family his purchase helps support. This same owner of the set then reprograms the wearables to easily become his fully integrated wearable V Card with some fancy unique practical features.

Jior (your) Custom Smart-Tie for a noble cause. Fully Customize your Spring Summer or Winter weight medium-width knit neck tie.

Set includes:

1. Hand knit solid dark red neck tie.

2. Smart-wear carnelian stone bracelet "Corporate Takeover."

3. Two Wearable Technology Detachable Pin for daily business and personal use. One on the bracelet and the tie pin.

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