Smartwears for Charity Set: A Nautical Undertaking on Exotic Waters


The original necktie hand knit by your Jior sponsored Mom in Latin America! This tie is so versatile bridging the gap between casual and formal in such a unique way.  This design is one solid color in bamboo, silk, and cashmere. The Navy Blue Design, supplies left for only 3 more ties and stone bracelet sets in this color. A popular color for summer in and individual custom style. See the next design in dark indigo to be released next.

Jior (your) Custom Smart-Tie for a noble cause. Fully Customize your Spring Summer or Winter weight medium-width knit neck tie.

Set includes:

1. Hand knit solid cobalt neck tie.

2. Smart-wear blue chrysoprase, bracelet "Mediterranean Water."

3. Two Wearable Technology Detachable Pin for daily business and personal use. One on the bracelet and the tie pin..

1.This practical smartphone readable wearable-tech eliminates the need to carry around those antiquated business and personal cards, and replaces them with a full tap-and-share virtual spokesperson making lasting connections on your behalf in our virtual society. It is a way to instantly connect your peers to everything you wish to share instantly all through one platform that you can update daily.

2. Just being rolled out, we are adding the tap-and-pay feature to the platform. This empowers you to eliminate that bulky wallet, and is a secure and discreet way to pay for stuff. Accepted at any merchant where tap-and-pay tech is updated into the credit-card processing system.

Jior (your) one-of-a-kind handmade smart-bracelet is supporting a global charity with a local impact.

1. Each smart-wear purchase supports a mom in Latin America. Know that she is empowered to care for her children at home as she creates your one-of-a-kind hand made piece. We elieve that handmade artisan work should be rewarded and dignified with an American Wage, that has an even higher value in the mom's country of origin. Jior smartwear piece comes programmed with the profile and bio of Jior sponsored Mom, so you can connect with her and her family. You then update the platform with your personal and professional information for use. 

2. Jior Smart-wears purchase also sponsors a local artist in your community. It is our pleasure to set them up with the same wearable tech platform smart tee-shirt. This empowers them to promote their art in the community, effectively reach a greater number of people making lasting networking connections.

Empower yourself - Empower the Creative - Empower the less fortunate! It's Jior (Your) Couture smartwears. 

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