NFC Enabled Bridal Gown

$950.00 was $5,000.00

Couture editorial from J-na Couture, showcasing the latest innovations in bridal wear and technology. Modern meets couture in gorgeous bridal gowns, incorporating, intricate details, and impeccable hand work. Classic wedding dresses are given a modern twist, with body-conscious silhouettes and crystal detailing. Every girl dreams of a beautiful wedding and these dresses are fit for a queen.
Feminine fabrics are used against a backdrop of structured buildings, adding a hint of irony to the imagery. These gowns could fit an indoor or outdoor wedding, the detailing of the dresses only enhanced by the scenery.
The wearer should feel like royalty, making for a beautiful, fantasy-like wedding.
Beneath the fabrics of silk and tulle lies NFC technology, embedded in the garments
in the form of a microchip.This technology is utilized through an NFC enabled smartphone, when the chip is tapped the user is sent to a virtual destination or personal message from the wearer. For instance, the bride can send her guests, family and friends alike, a personal thank you e-card for attending as they leave the ceremony. The microchips can also beutilized for video messaging, going behind the scenes of the making of the garment. With this never-before-seen technology, the possibilities are endless, making the gowns undoubtedly one-of-a-kind.
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