GSB Men's Couture Handbag 2015 with wearable tech platform.


This is a fully customizable handmade-to-measure  "manbag" or men's handbag. This design for 2015 is a mere example of what can be done just for you as no-two-are-made-the-same. 

The inside of the bag features a custom Ipad or Tablet case, and a custom cell phone case out of bamboo silk and deerskin with a real mohair fur lining for extra padding and cleaning of touchscreen devices. 

This custom accessory is equipped with a wearable tech platform based on NFC smartphone readable tap-and-share technology. Make a lasting social or professional connection instantly in our virtual society and eliminate the need for those antiquated paper business or social cards. Share everything from your favorite music file, to your blog, and social media outlets. 

For the Standard Size, the dimensions are 16' Wide/12' High/ 3' Deep.

For Customization of the inside:

Please indicate the dimensions and/or the make and model of your current tablet and cell phone in the corresponding box.

No two couture accessories are ever made the same and will have slight variances in color, design, and embellishments left at the artisans discretion to ensure you have an exclusive original. 

Call or email Cal Garcia for your custom made bag at (815) 513-2776 or cal@j-nacustomgsb.com

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