Eco-Couture Jeans with wearable tech interface.


Jeans that are made from recycled Materials. Send in a pair of your favorite jeans for us to take apart and remake following your specifications, or have us make you a pair from recycled denim.

This custom accessory is equipped with a wearable tech platform based on NFC smartphone readable tap-and-share technology. Make a lasting social or professional connection instantly in our virtual society and eliminate the need for those antiquated paper business or social cards. Share everything from your favorite music file, to your blog, and social media outlets. 

Choose or upload the color you want that fits you best. You are also entitled to an online color consultation with your purchase to determine which color(s) are best for you. 

Since this is a rock couture eco-green design concept we encourage you have a forest green as your primary or secondary color.

We can make these jeans with the "Rocker Burst" line pattern (for the bold), the "Horizontal Scratch" across the top and vertical down the legs,  camouflaged look of the outline of REAL leaves from Illinois outlined in a random pattern exclusive to you, or no lines or patterns at all.


You also have the option of frayed silk bamboo cording and/or recycled leather laces up the outer-sides of the jeans.


On Color: You may upload the colors of choice or choose from the Pantone for the Season.

PLEASE NOTE: If your primary color is anything other than black, your secondary color will automatically be a lighter and brighter version of that Primary Color.

If your Primary Color is Black, your secondary color can be complimentary in that you can choose from the color selections, or upload your color of choice.


To determine your best color in personal style, a complimentary with purchase private color consultation including draping can be arranged face-to-face meeting or via video chat.


There may be slight variances in color and line arrangement due to artist's interpretation and exclusivity in design due to the fact that no two garments can be duplicated exactly the same guaranteeing you an exclusive handmade design original.

Satisfaction is always guaranteed!


This design takes 3-5 weeks to complete. 

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