Couture Tank Top with Optional Eco Print and wearable-tech platform.


A Couture Tank Top that is styled with a texturized cable design. The Tank Top is made of thick elastic and is structurally very similar to shape-wear. The design could not be more flattering, as it cinches in the lower abdominal area, and exposes skin in the most flattering  places along the mid rib cage and top of chest area. This design is easily styled to be unisex, a female wearing this tank top would style this over a another light tank, shape wear, or bra. The look is also very versatile in the case of a dressy party look under a blazer or smoking jacket. 


As always these original designs are not mass-produced as ready-made to insure that your piece is a one-of-a-kind original made-to-measure per your specifications in style, color, fabric, and shape.


In the tank top we can incorporate in the blocks, a sheer mesh as seen in the photo, a sheer netting as shown, or a solid jersey or silk. You also have the ECO-Couture option of incorporating a print that you choose of a photo or an artistic image on cotton as shown. This option is done using an abstract solar-developed ECO Dye that is done by hand and developed in the sun light, lending to the meaningful appeal of sustainable hand made with love fashions.


Purchase your Tank Top now, as this design takes up to 4 Weeks to complete. Along with your  purchase you will receive a complimentary design consultation via web camera. This is where we will finalize all the details and determine your best styling, colors, accurate measurements, and personality. For now please fill out as much information in the boxes in the way of personal preferences and measurements as possible, this will make the design meeting that much more streamlined when we receive as much information in advance.


We appreciate your cooperation and wish to congratulate you in advance on your fabulous ECO-couture piece in personal style to add to your growing wardrobe reflecting your best concept in personal growth and couture living freedom!


Measurements Needed for this Design in INCHES:

Chest                                    Waist                       Hip                     Neck                Shoulder

Chest Across Waist Across Hip Bone Across Neck Across Shoulder-to-Shoulder Across

Center of Collar Bone

Down to Below Chest

Below Chest to 

Waist Down

Waist to Hip Bone


---------------- -------------------------------------




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