Compassionate Fur Handcuff Swarovski Clutch w/ Wearable-Tech Platform



   A Custom Couture Real Compassionate Fur Clutch with a crystal pendant closure and large strand of Swarovski Crystals connecting to the fur cuff. This is the kind of high-end bling that is very demure and compliments your favorite evening wear, yet also commands attention as such a unique blend of luxury and style.

Set your self apart in your professional and social circles as distinct in your custom Fur and Swarovski handcuff evening clutch, wear it with the confidence that no two j-na couture accessories are made the same, ensuring that you have an exclusive made-to-measure design original.  

This custom accessory is equipped with a wearable tech platform based on NFC smartphone readable tap-and-share technology. Make a lasting social or professional connection instantly in our virtual society and eliminate the need for those antiquated paper business or social cards. Share everything from your favorite music file, to your blog, and social media outlets. 

 Choose your best color(s) from the latest color trends or tell us what your best color(s) are. You can even upload a photo of the color(s) or the garment that you would like your couture fur handcuff clutch to match.

Help us design the perfect accessory for you, please complete the short personality profile.

For a custom size please tell us the size you want in inches like this: Height or how high/ Length or how long or/  Depth or how wide. An example of the standard size in 5/8/3 inches.


Hand knit, crafted, beaded, and delivered in 4 weeks within the US, and 4-6 weeks internationally.

No two couture accessories are ever made the same and will have slight variances in color, design, and embellishments left at the artisan's discretion to ensure you have an exclusive original. 



Personalizzata Clutch Fur Couture A Compassionevole parlare con chiusura ciondolo di cristallo di grandi dimensioni e di collegamento a catena cristalli Swarovski Bracciale con le manette in pelle.
  A mano a maglia, fatto a mano e decorato a mano, e consegnato in quattro settimane negli Stati Uniti e 4-6 settimane a livello internazionale.
Un Couture Custom Clutch Fur Compasivo real con un cierre de cristal colgante y cadena grande de cristales de Swarovski que conectan con el brazalete cuff de esposas de piel.
Mano de punto, hecha a mano, y adornado a mano, y entregado en 4 semanas en los EE.UU. e internacionalmente entre 4-6 semanas.
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